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Karla Homolka A Female Serial Killer fears that if she's freed from prison she'll be slain by vigilantes, her lawyer told The Toronto Sun last night. 

With Corrections Canada poised to ask for Homolka's detention for her full 12-year sentence on grounds she'll kill again, lawyer Marc Labelle said Karla Homolka is petrified she'll be murdered. 

Labelle said Carla Homolka has not only received further threats from within the prison system, but she has also been targeted for death on chat groups his legal assistants have uncovered on the Internet. 

"I haven't seen these sites myself, but I'm told there are numerous sites where threats are made that 'we'll kill you if you get out,'" Labelle said in an interview from his Montreal law office. 

"What am I to make of that ... It's terrible ... it's scary." 

Labelle said the only place Homolka feels safe in all of Canada is behind the familiar wire fences of Joliette prison camp in the Montreal suburb of Laval. 

Karla Homolca enjoyed a safe and comfortable existence at Joliette for three years until October. Days after photos of her in a formal dress at a prison birthday party hit the newspapers, Corrections Canada transferred Homolka to the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon. 

As reported by The Sun last spring, while at Joliette Homolka was involved in a lesbian relationship with convicted bank robber Lynda Veronneau, who is due to inherit almost $1 million from a family estate and has told relatives her blonde, 30-year-old girlfriend "Jessica" will live with her. 

It is unclear if Homolka and Veronneau remain lovers. 

Corrections Canada wanted Homolka transferred to undergo a psychiatric assessment that sources say would bolster its bid to have the National Parole Board detain her beyond her legal release date next July. 

Homolka was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 1993 after she pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter for her role in her then-husband Paul Bernardo's sex slayings of Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristen French, 15, and the fatal drugging rape of Homolka's youngest sister Tammy, 15. 

By law, all federal offenders must be released at the two-thirds mark of their sentence unless officials can prove they will likely kill or seriously harm someone. 

Corrections Canada must give six months' notice prior to the mandatory release date if it intends to seek an extended period of detention. In Homolka's case, this means prison officials must move within the next month. 

Labelle said Homolka at first refused to cooperate with psychiatrists in Saskatoon, but agreed to partially cooperate when Corrections Canada warned her that refusal would result in her security classification being bumped from minimum to maximum. 

"I believe she did not cooperate at a certain point, but they said, 'if you do not cooperate we will use this against you ...' I believe she did cooperate a bit," said Labelle.

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