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Henry Lee Lucas


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Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas confessed to 500 murders although he was only convicted for 10. His twisted list of crimes included, rape, necrophilia, bestiality, molestation and of course murder. He would strangle, bludgeon of stab his victims to death. This disturbed nut even had intercourse with his own mother after killing her. Never could anybody understand what exactly transpired in his demented mind.  Only person who could understand was Ottis Toole another Famous Serial Killer. 

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Henry Lee Lucas - Famous Serial Killers Biography

Henry Lee Lucas mother was a prostitute who beat him, forced him to watch her with clients, and told him that he was evil.

When Lucas was about ten years-old, a relative took him of into the hills one day, slit a calf's throat and had sex with the animal. Then he persuaded Henry to try the same thing.

Lucas, by his own account, killed his first woman when he was fourteen or fifteen. The victim, who was seventeen, was waiting at a bus stop. Lucas tried to rape her and then strangled her.

In March 1960 Lucas was sentenced to twenty to forty years in prison for murdering his mother. After attempting suicide in prison he was admitted to Ionia State Mental Hospital, where he was subjected to treatment with electric shocks, and heavy doses of drugs. He spent four years in the mental hospital before returning to prison. Then in June, 1970 he was released.

He claimed to have killed two women immediately on his release, although state authorities cannot confirm the deaths. He was sentenced in December 1971, to a four to five year term for attempting to abduct a fifteen year old girl at gunpoint.

He was released again in 1975, and traveled to Michigan where he teamed-up with a petty thief named Ottis Toole. They shared an unhealthy interest in rape and death.

Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer

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